Our beloved city is at a pivotal crossroads.

We need your involvement now, more than ever, to safeguard its integrity and future.

Santa Clara is headed in the wrong direction

City council members have been indicted for breaking the law and acting unethically.

Sign the petition to get Indicted Anthony Becker to resign.

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Council Member Anthony Becker

Becker has been indicted for leaking a Grand Jury report and lying about it.

Charged: Leaking a Grand Jury report and lying about it

Consequences: Becker faces possible jail time

Current Status: Despite public outcry, Becker refuses to resign

Council member Anthony Becker with text saying "indicted and at large".

Pool Photo Courtesy NBC Bay Area

Council member Suds Jain with text saying "cover up?".

Pool Photo Courtesy NBC Bay Area


Council Member Suds Jain

Jain knew that Becker leaked the Grand Jury report and chose to remain silent until forced to admit it under oath.

Action: Knew about Becker's illegal act but remained silent

Reveal: Admitted only when under oath before the Grand Jury

They're coming after your voting rights next

Becker and Jain's new agenda is to strip Santa Clara residents of the right to vote for our Police Chief and City Clerk.

The right to vote is enshrined in our City Charter and must be defended.

What's at stake?

Community safety

Santa Clara's Police Department

The officers of Santa Clara's outstanding police department are our shield, ensuring that Mission City remains safe and sound.

Electoral integrity

City Clerk

The City Clerk and staff are the guardians of Santa Clara's electoral integrity and have kept our elections transparent and honest.

Together we can protect Santa Clara

We cannot stand by and watch our city’s proud legacy being threatened.

Join us in our mission to keep Santa Clara safe, transparent, and honest.

Protect Santa Clara

"I'm signing the petition and a lot of my neighbors are too. We care about Santa Clara and good government."

Burt Field, former Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Field was knocked off the Commission because he publicly criticized Becker's illegal actions.

Source: Santa Clara News Online, May 24, 2023

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